My Secret Manifesting Weapon...


There’s ONE huge habit that I’ve cultivated in my business that has enabled me to not only reach my goals in business but allow me to feel FULFILLED, successful, and actually have fun whilst building my business.

Wanna know what that magic dust is?


Now, stay with me for a sec because if you feel like I used to you might be thinking that celebrating your accomplishments is a nice cute thing that other business owners do, who have the time, energy and resources to lavishly spoil themselves when they tick something off their little list of to-do’s?

I was wrong.

Here’s the thing, celebrating our accomplishments, BIG and SMALL (but let’s get real they’re ALL BIG) is truly one of the best income generating activities you can do for your business.

Ya know why?

Because when we take a step back to SAVOUR and ENJOY our hard work, when we take a moment out of the hustle to look around and take in everything we’ve ALREADY accomplished, we build up that belief that F YES - it’s clear as day that not only are you already successful but you can also relax the F out because you can BE DO & HAVE anything you desire.

And when you’re in that energy of GRATITUDE and celebration, that’s the thing that helps us attract MORE of what we’re already receiving.

Not just from a law of attraction point of view (but that too), but also because when you’re IN that energy you’re literally a magnet for creativity, inspired action and the abundance that always follows.

And if you’re not quite convinced as of yet, let me tell you from personal experience and from coaching heaps of women through this over the last three years..

When we fail to acknowledge our wins and our results along the way we not only breed feelings of dissatisfaction and burnout but we also disempower ourselves by creating the belief that hard work, hustling, and constantly PUSHING is the only way to create the results we want.

You see, if you’re a type a, recovering perfectionist like me you KNOW THIS scenario all TOO well:

When we finally reach a goal we’ve been working our butts off for, our initial gut reaction is to say “AWESOME, WHAT’S NEXT?”.

Whilst this isn’t BAD, it IS exhausting and tiring and it breeds dissatisfaction because when we hit the goal we’ve been chasing and working our butts off for, we don’t give ourselves a hot minute to actually ENJOY the result and bathe in the success..

And if we’re never experiencing JOY from our hard work it conditions us to believe that we either don’t ever deserve it or that it’s not safe to do so.

I don’t know about you but those are NOT the beliefs I’m choosing to create in this business because I’m IN THIS thing for the long haul and I want to enjoy and CELEBRATE the heck out of the journey and continue to leverage that JOY, to manifest the results I desire with more ease, on repeat.

That’s why celebrating our wins is essential to not just create a successful business but a FULFILLING business.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this loves!

How comfortable does celebration FEEL for you?

Do you feel like you’ve honed in on this secret sauce to manifest everything you want to create in your business and life?

Let me know your thoughts below and drop any questions you have!

Elise Maisonneuve