How to make any strategy WORK for you..


Here’s what no one tells you about FAST results…

Getting laser focused on my strategies and my short-term goals is what enabled me to get really fast results in this business.

AKA... It meant that I had to say NO to new ideas, shiny objects and strategies (that in hindsight I saw as quick fixes) than I felt comfortable with at the time.

THIS isn't easy to execute loves, especially when we’re IN it and not 100% certain if what we’re doing is working.

I 100% felt this at the time and I promise you my clients also feel this a lot of the time.

Which is why sometimes, a lot of the work and support I give to my clients is not just picking ONE aligned strategy and executing it like a boss, but also learning how to keep our thinking clear to keep our strategy simple.

It’s often really EASY to pick a strategy.

The HARD part is sticking to that when our brains tend to want to distract us with all the shiny things and our fears pop us telling us that just because we haven’t seen results in 2.2 seconds, it must not be working so we better jump ship and quickly try something else!

Am I right??

This is why FOCUS and SIMPLICITY are so key to the growth of your biz (and let's be honest, the sanity of your poor ol' brain).

And today I’m going to share with you HOW to make any strategy work for you so that you can stop driving yourself crazy about finding the one and start creating sales on repeat!

1)  Stop giving up on your strategy the second the sparks start to die off!!!

Who doesn’t LOVE that feeling of stumbling upon a strategy that we feel is “the one”, it aligns with our values, beliefs and desires and we’re feeling confident that YES, this is going to be the thing that really helps us to bring in the clients we desire!


Here’s the thing, the thing I see trip up most entrepreneurs is when that honeymoon phase ends..

You know, when we’re in the process of executing our strategy and in the time gap of maybe not seeing the results we want yet..OR when we decide that our results aren’t living up to our expectations of what we hoped for and then we decide that something must be drastically wrong.

Then we decide that instead of solving the right problem (our mindset) that we need to “fix” something because it’s not working because we haven’t hit 10k months in approximately 2.2 seconds of executing our strategy.

Loves, the strategy ain’t the issue.

Creating SUSTAINABLE income in your business is the result of a fuck ton of FOCUS, sheer determination, a willingness to learn, mindset work, daily action and a lot of good old fashioned hard work.

Give your poor strategy TIME to play out. Be willing do give it all you can for at least 90 days before you decide to change a thing.

2) Look at the COLD HARD FACTS

When we’re too busy on doing #allthethings we forget that the most important thing is often taking a step back and actually LOOKING at the data in front of us in regards to what’s working and what’s not working for us in our business strategy.

Do me (and your business) a solid,  go look at the data in front of you and ask yourself this:

Am I posting but not getting any bites?
Am I getting leads but not closing the sale?
Am I getting yes’s on the phone but finding that those aren’t ever following through?

By looking at the cold hard facts in your business you can figure out where the REAL GAP is in your mindset, messaging or momentum and then solve the right problem for your business instead of running from strategy to strategy with no real data to tell you what actually needs fixing.

3) Determine what you want MOST RIGHT NOW.

Ask yourself this:

a) What is my #1 goal or intention in my business right now?
- Is it a certain # of clients? A certain income level? Is it to quit your 9-5? Maybe it’s to create consistent income whilst only working 15 hours a week so that you can be at home and present for your family?

b) What are the tasks I’m working on daily in my business?
- Practically speaking peeps, let’s get real shall we? How many potential clients are you reaching out to? How much content are you putting out in front of your people daily?  Are you asking for the sale? Are you showing up consistently and sharing HOW you and your service solves your peoples problem? Are you working on tweaking your welcome funnel? Are you thinking of changing your niche for the 10th time? Are you creating more workbooks for your clients that aren’t exactly rushing in?

c) Are ALL of  #2 DIRECTLY working towards and leading to #1?
If yes >>>> Good effing work love! You’re on track. Your ONLY JOB right now is to keep doing those tasks, keep showing up and continue to work the process and tweak your actions and your mindset as needed to KEEP SHOWING UP because it’s only a matter of time until it works!

If no >>>> Brilliant! Now you know what you need to focus on.
Because if your tasks and actions aren’t ALL directed at achieving your intention or goal the problem isn’t that the tasks or the strategies you’re executing aren’t working, it’s that you’re not FOCUSED on the right tasks to get you to the outcome you desire.

You feel me?

Let’s stop confusing “It’s not working” with “I’m not clear on WHAT I need to do to bring in my goal or intention” or “I’m confused as what the gap is between my action steps and the outcome I desire”.

When we focus on our highest priority outcome/goal/intention FIRST it makes our action steps and strategies SO much simpler which enables us to execute more easily and actually accomplish our goals so much faster and with a heck of a lot less confusion, overwhelm and frustration.

Because here’s what I know to be true loves:

If you’re darn good at what you do, you genuinely CARE about your people and you’re willing to go balls to the wall all in with your strategy for 90 days with the FOCUS and care it deserves, you can’t NOT get results. Promise.

I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on this:

What do YOU want MOST NOW in your business?

What’s the real problem that needs solving in your business?

And what is your main strategy that you’re focusing on to help you get there?

If you’re unsure of any of these questions, well love you’re in the right place ‘cause that is my JAM! Head on over here to book in for a complimentary chat and I’d love to talk about how I can help you take the right steps to help you get the real results you want now!

Elise Maisonneuve