6 Lessons to get you to 6 Figures


Getting to your first Six Figures in business is what so many of us aim for when we first start out (I know I did!).

I am insanely grateful that I was able to grow this business so quickly and that I was able to hit this six figures CASH in just 10 months.

I kinda blew my own mind with it if I’m perfectly honest as I wasn’t doing anything that felt especially revolutionary, inventive or out there.

What I WAS doing was slightly revolutionary though because the more clients I worked with and the more insight I got into other people’s business, the more I realised that most people weren't’ doing what I did.

And today I’m gonna share the Six Biggest Lessons and the things that I did really damn well, that enabled me to scale to Six Figures in a frankly unheard of period of time.

So pour yourself a cuppa and take some uninterrupted time to TAKE these tips in (and take notes).  Because I know that if you take these tips and apply them to your business, there is no way you don’t see a massive increase in sales and you’ll find yourself hitting that six figure mark in no time at all!

1) Get Crystal Clear

Getting clear on your WHY, your INTENTION & your MESSAGE is what helps you stand out in an overcrowded space.

It enables you to feel more focused so that you can share without hesitation exactly WHY you’re the absolute perfect fit for your humans.

And if I’m honest, it’s the ONLY thing that helps you not get LOST in the noise of this online space because if you’re clear (and sold on YOU and your service) it’s easy for your people to find you and it becomes a total no brainer as to why they should hire you!

When you’re crystal clear  it’s SO damn easy to stay in your lane, keep your head down bum up and only focus on the right actions that are going to laser your energy towards your goal - whether that’s scaling to 6 figures or beyond!

2) Embody Integrity

THIS will make or break your business.

I believe deeply that if you don’t practice what you preach and you say and act in one way publicly but not on the back end, that shiz is gonna hurt your business and chances are you’re not going to last long. #truth

Real talk- I’ve been in this online space for more than a hot minute (5 years to be exact) and I’ve SEEN a lot of people come and go.. The ones that stick around? They’re 100% operating from THIS place.

That’s why I KNOW deep in my bones that if you DO operate from a place of honesty, you’re truthful about your experience, and expertise and you don’t make claims that you can’t back up than GIRL, combine that with a dust of hustle, rock solid belief and some good ol’ consistency and you’re WELL on your way to your six figures.

3) Cultivate a Mindset for Success

Everything is created twice first in the mind and then in reality - Robin Sharma

Out of all the things that helped me scale to six figures THIS quote is basically the mic drop.

I can’t emphasize enough how much cultivating a mindset for success is a NEED to have, not just a NICE to have if you want to scale to six figures.

It’s honestly THE thing that I see hold people back from getting there and it’s THE thing that supports my clients to hit their big ass scary goals (BASG - I’ve made it a thing)

I double pinky swear to you that if you don’t believe you can have success, you’ll stop yourself short every time you set a new goal in your business (and let’s get real, life).  

And if you do? You my love will become unstoppable because you’ll see obstacles as opportunities and you’ll keep showing up doing your thing UNTIL it works (which if you operate from these tips, will be real damn soon!)

4) Take Imperfect Action

One of the biggest factors that enabled me to scale to Six Figures so quickly was taking massive IMPERFECT Action.

Now as a recovering perfectionist and Type A kinda gal this has not always been easy.

But the truth is...

The longer you try and perfect things behind the scenes, the longer you’re gonna have to wait until the sales come rolling in.

The truth lovely is that you can be the juiciest peach in the bunch and there will always be someone who hates peaches.

By holding back until things are ‘perfect’, or you feel confident enough that everyone will like you, you’re simply holding out on the people who NEED your help.

And the MORE you get yo’ ass out there and start TELLING your people how you can help them, the more sales you make. Yes it’s that simple (and also that scary - depending on how you look at it!)

5) Learn How to Invest Intelligently

I believe you 100% can have it all, but I don’t believe you can do it all on your own.

Learning how and when to invest intelligently into my business is one of the main reasons why I was able to scale to 6 figures in 10 months flat.

And like most people, that meant that I had to get over (and reframe) previous investments I’d made in my previous business that didn’t have the ROI that I expected. NOTE - they 100% DID have an ROI but it looked different to what I expected at the time.

The truth about success is that NO ONE cultivates that ish on their own. (And honestly, why would you even want to?)

Growth in business requires smart investments, whether that’s a coach or mentor, team, systems, or tech there is a right time and place to invest to ensure that your business grows exponentially.

PS… For the record, investing ALWAYS feels scary. No matter what level you’re at. None of us ever have the cash just lying around which is why I believe it’s so important to be able to take a step back as the CEO of your business and truly look at where the gaps are and what you need to fill to catapult your results forward.

6) Master your Focus

Your focus it’s one of your biggest commodities in your business. Wherever you invest it you’ll make a big return on your time, money and results.

One of the biggest factors that enabled me to grow my business to 6 figures in just 10 months was my insane ability to get laser focused on my immediate goal and go all in on ONLY that until I hit it.

Knowing what your immediate goal is, setting up a strategy to get there and executing on it daily is how you’ll see results fast.

One of the biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs make whether they’re trying to book out their practice for the first time OR scale to their first 6 figures is that they set a goal and end up changing the end goal every few weeks OR they continually change the strategy their using so it constantly feels like they’re standing still and never getting the traction they want, because they keep start stopping and their focus is all over the place.

When you focus on your goal (and ONLY that goal) and the daily actions you need to take the faster you’ll create momentum and the results will blow your damn mind!

There you have it loves!

I hope these lessons serve you to help you avoid the mistakes I’ve made and help you fast track your way to your first (or next) Six Figures!

And if you’re still feeling a bit unsure about what this looks like for your business and you want to speed up your results and learn HOW to apply these so that you can create your own path to Six Figures, than book in a time to chat below and let’s talk about how I can support you to get there!

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Elise Maisonneuve