3 Ways to make SELLING feel like SERVICE...


I hate to break it to you loves but if you want to have a big girl business (ya know one that actually makes money) you’re going to have to learn how to SELL WELL.

And I can SEE you rolling your eyes at me, moaning and getting ready to scroll on by ‘cause you want me to tell you a magical strategy to help you draw in epic clients who come banging on your door DAILY saying “take my money”.

Here’s the thing YOU 100% CAN have that…

Wanna know how?

By putting yourself out there FIRST and by OFFERING (aka. selling) the thing you want them to come hunt you down for..

Ooh see what I did there ^^

Here’s the thing, selling IS one of the highest acts of service you can do for your audience. Truly.

Let’s get real, I’m ALL about providing epic, transformational value in my free content and trainings, I pride myself on getting my audience results before they pay me a cent…

There are MANY women in my group The Purpose Driven Badass Entrepreneurs that have left their 9-5's, and signed clients from simply applying all this goodness..

And YET I KNOW deep down in the depths of my soul that my free content can only take my people so far and that their business and LIVES will be forever changed and transformed in ways they never imagined possible if they take the next step and work with me.

There is NOTHING that compares to the container of support that my 1:1 and my high-touch mastermind provides. NOTHING.

Knowing THIS, if I don’t tell my people aka. YOU, this exact same thing, I’d be doing you all a MASSIVE disservice because I’d basically be leaving you loves high and dry!

So if you KNOW that you can help your people further, if you KNOW their lives will be all the better having worked with you, you owe it to them to tell them that, right?

This is true service loves and that also happens to be selling!

BUT in order to get there, we often have to get the F out of our own way first and put our own limiting beliefs out of the way first so that we can show up, serve and sell to our people.

Which is why today, I’m diving into three TRUTHS for you to tap back into so that you can make selling feel more like REAL service and less like sleaze!

Ready? Let’s get to it!
1) Remember that you’re already a seasoned pro at sales!

What if I told you that you’re already selling all day erryday whether you’re aware of it or not?

  • When you swing your partner’s opinion to go out for Thai instead of Italian

  • When you finally get your girlfriend to come try out yoga with you

  • When you get your toddler into bed at their bedtime

  • When you get your boss to sign off on your vacation time

ALL of these are examples of you SELLING!! 

Getting someone on board to your point of view or the merits of something is selling! 

The good news is you’re already doing it, if you’re not making the level of sales you want all you have to do is to get just as comfortable with selling to your audience as you are with your friends and family! 

So here’s a tip on how you can start to get there now:

Take out your notebook and write out 10 scenarios that are likely to happen for your people if they DO NOT get support in your area of expertise. 

Once you do this, it’s going to feel CLEAR as day that YOUR WORK IS IMPERATIVE to your potential client’s lives.

I know you’re here to genuinely help your people, and the thing is loves, you can’t help them if you’re not willing to get intimate with exactly how important it is for you to share that with your people. 

Because when you share it from that place. Selling is simple and it works.

2) Remember that you’re audience members are FULLY CAPABLE, EMPOWERED grown humans..

Right now you’re rolling your eyes at me thinking DUH ELISE..

So let me ask you this:

Is it possible to PUSH, COERCE or TRICK a fully capable, empowered human to buy our stuff..

It’s not really is it?

So, if you’re feeling bad, pushy or like you’re manipulating your audience to buy something from you, I want you to remind yourself of this and treat them like the empowered individuals they are by simply offering them something that you know they’ll be better off of receiving.

Offering and showcasing what you do, why you do it and the potential results your clients can expect EMPOWERS your audience to make a fully informed decision.

You feel me?

BUT they can’t do that, and frankly you’re not allowing them to do that if you’re not FIRST telling them what it is you do and how impactful it will be on their lives.

3) Remember that if you want sales to feel good and not sleazy, you simply have to believe that what you offer is important, of massive value and that you’re clients lives are much better off from your service or product.

Sounds simple enough right?

And whilst on the surface it IS simple, but it’s not always easy.

In order to show up in full conviction and in full belief of our value, we often have to do A LOT of mindset work to remind ourselves of our expertise, experience, education and passion that we bring to the table for our people!

Here’s a question to journal on to help you get one step closer to having this belief as ingrained in you as the belief that Labradoodles are the cutest dogs that have ever walked on this planet!! (Oh is that just me?)

WHAT makes your offer important, of massive value and why are your clients lives much better off from your service or product?

Journal out on all that goodness then put your answers up on your computer, on your wall whenever you need to help remind yourself how important it is to share your gifts and your service to your people!

I hope this serves you as beautiful reminders of truths that YOU already know deep down in your centre. Wondering how I know that? Because I believe with every ounce of my being that your dreams and passion to serve is on your heart for a reason. YOU KNOW that this is the work you’re meant to do but sometimes we all just need a little reminder when our “stuff” comes up and our fears pop up.

And I want to leave you with a bonus little truth for you today:

You ALREADY have every.single.thing. within you to change your people’s lives and to make the impact that you’re here to make. Sometimes we just need to remember who we really are and what we’re meant to do.

I adore you, I appreciate you and if you need help getting out of your own way to create more impact and generate more income I’d love to chat to you and see how I can help you do just that.. Book in a time to chat here if this resonated with you and if you’re ready to step it up about 100 notches in your business.



Elise Maisonneuve