How to make 2019 your most PROFITABLE year in business!


Let’s get real… December can be one full and overwhelming mother.

I’m noticing that people are either feeling ALL the pressure to frantically get things done before the end of the year OR they’re feeling a hella burnt out and wanting to put business and life on hold till 2019.

And I’m not a fan of either option.

Look, I’m a BIG believer that you need to do you boo!

Listening to your gut and tuning into what YOU really need is the first place to start.

AND I also know it to be true that you can still hit your 2018 goals, continue to make sales this month AND take some time out to strategise and prepare to make 2019 YOUR best year yet!

How do I know?

Well I’ve been witnessing my clients BLOW it up so far this month in their businesses and we’re only on day 6 folks.

Not to mention I’m booking out the first part of 2019 in my business and my waitlist has been filling up like crazy!!

The proof is in the pudding, but here’s the not so secret secret…

This ain’t an accident.

The reason my clients and I can finish the year on a high, and start to make plans to kick off 2019 in the most profitable way possible, MINUS the overwhelm, panic and stress is because of these TWO key reasons:

1) We’re COMMITTED AF for this to be true.

Ladies, in the last 24 hours I’ve witnessed one of my clients go from total holiday, money lack mentality to signing one brand new 1:1 client and making a handful of lower end sales JUST from doing some very specific mindset work we agreed on.

In less than 8 hours after our coaching call, she went from feeling like December would be an expensive bust, and feeling very worried about HOW she was going to bring ANY income in, to making over $2.5k. WHAT THE WHAT!

THIS is what happens loves when you decide on what you DO want, commit fully to it and then choose to be relentless with staying focused on that until (not if) it happens.

2) We’re DOING the work (all of it).

Look, it’s dandy pants to journal, dream, meditate and create all the pretty vision boards. I’ll 100% be doing some of these things and I totally believe in them.

AND they will turn out to be as useless as my 2001 CD collection if your efforts stop there.

Yes you need to know what you want and where you want to go but lovely, you also NEED a plan to get you there.

You need to know your strategy; the exact steps you plan on taking to increase your income and start signing the right clients on the reg.

And then you need to know exactly how you’re going to stay focused on that once Jan 24th hits and the novelty wears off OR things start to feel sticky.  

Because let’s get real, the way your results are really going to happen fast is by making it as easy as possible for you to show up consistently, stay on track and make it actually happen!

I truly hope this helps you ladies to get clear on how to set yourself up to have your most profitable year in business yet!

Cause no one needs ANOTHER dream board sitting in a corner of their room (or was that just me?)
And if you want support to set yourself up with a plan to make sure that you start bringing in more more income, impact and (let’s be honest) JOY into your business and your life, then I’d LOVE to have a chat and see if we’re a good fit.

I’m taking the last few spots for early 2019 at my current rate and I’d LOVE to support you so that you can look back on your 2019 in complete awe at how far you’ve come!

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Elise Maisonneuve