How to Plan your Content like a BOSS


One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when creating their content is that they spend WAY too much time creating content and way too little time sharing that content around.

Being INCREDIBLY intentional with how I plan out my content marketing has truly been a game changer in my business.

And this is coming from the gal who used to ALWAYS write content on the fly, who was convinced that all the planets had to align for me to be able to create great content and who felt like I was pretty much at the whim of my inspiration.

Getting into the habit of being intentional with my content planning has enabled me to share more valuable and relevant content, show up more consistently and demonstrate ALL of the ways I can support my clients and audience.

My content has literally created my business to be what it is today AND I don’t think it would have worked as well as it has without me being creating a method for planning out my content.

Now I know EXACTLY what I’m going to speak to each week and I set aside time to sit down on a Sunday or Monday and write out ALL of my content on that topic for the week.

Then I know that no matter what, I’ll be growing my audience, building the relationship with my current followers and demonstrating my expertise in starting and scaling a purposeful and profitable online business!

So this week I want to share with you some of my favourite strategies I use to make sure that I’m creating captivating content consistently AND it’s getting seen by the people who need it!


I used to feel that unless I was TOTALLY inspired and had a magnificent idea hit me, that it was otherwise a struggle to write good content.

This was a BIG mindset block for me when it came to me being more strategic and intentional with my content planning.

I was SUPER resistant to writing it all out at once instead of when inspiration hit because I was afraid that if I wrote content this way, it simply wouldn’t be as good!

Truth is this:

YOU’RE in charge of your inspiration, not the other way around.

I think so often we forget that WE know what we need to do to feel inspired or to get into the right energy and headspace to invoke inspiration in!


So my tip for you today when it comes to planning and batching your content is this:

Give yourself some time and space to invoke inspiration before you sit down to write!


Another benefits of planning out your content in advance is that you’ll already KNOW way in advance what you intend to speak to next week.

That means you have a whole week of allowing inspiration to arise and to contemplate all of the amazing things you have to say!

Here’s my PRO tip:

When you’re pondering your content topic and a brilliant idea hits, RECORD that mofo on your phone as a voice note so you can save that gold and use it when you’re ready to write it all down!


I totally  get that for those of us who SO appreciate freedom, and are kinda rebellious, content planning can feel like a super restricting and monumental task.

BUT (here’s the thing) stepping up as the CEO, and increasing your results sometimes (read always) looks like doing the uncomfortable thing..

So I wanna share something with ALL of you that I normally only share with my 1:1 clients:

My method for exactly how I plan out my content:

Step 1: I start by coming up with 4-5 big categories that I speak to in my business. Everything I speak to will fall under one of these categories.

Step 2: Then I break those categories down to 3-4 smaller topics. These smaller topics are now my weekly topics that I’ll write about.

Step 3: Then I simply rotate those smaller topics throughout the next 4 months so that I’m sharing breadth and depth across all the areas that I serve my clients through!

Step 4: I’ll map this out so that I can visually see the topics for the next month etc so that I then have time to brainstorm exactly what I want to say and so that I can create space to draw in inspiration around my message.

And there you have it!

I so hope you’ve found this helpful and that these strategies help you to focus on the positives (rather than the “negatives”) of planning out your content, so that it becomes quicker and easier to do!

And if you’re ready to take the next step and figure out how to get your content VISIBLE so that your potential clients can start finding YOU and you can start start filling up your practice with epic clients...

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Elise Maisonneuve