INVESTMENTS- The Good, The Bad and what it REALLY takes to get an ROI


Investing used to feel like such a dirty word to me.

In my early business days, it felt scary as heck. After I dipped my toes in, it started to feel shameful as anything and as I begun to learn what it really looked like to make the right investments and make the right choices to quickly grow my business exponentially it finally started to feel fun.

Let’s be real sometimes it’s still scary as I grow and they grow but YES I said it, investing now feels fun.

Here’s the thing, it took me a long time for it to feel like that and this week I’m sharing how to avoid making investments that DO NOT work out and how to lean more into knowing which are the right choices for you.

So if you’re feeling like your investments haven’t been earning you a return or the thought of risking your hard earned cash into something that feels so unknown feels scary AF, here are the three biggest mistakes I made and how you can avoid them so that you can start making great investments that shift your business into massive quantum leaps!

1) Making investments out of fear.

So often I see people investing with the belief that the next investment will be “THE THING” that will finally make their business work. I’ve been guilty of this and I see it happen all.the.time.

Now can investments support you to get results that otherwise would have taken much longer?

But investing in and of itself is not the thing that will make your business bring in the mind blowing results you really want.

YOU are “THE THING” that make your business work.

When we make investments from the place of fear and scarcity we take away our power to show up fully for those investments and truly make them work.

Your investments are there to SUPPORT YOU to do so but ultimately YOU the CEO love.
If you want to BE the CEO your parents wanted you to marry, the secret is to act like it, trust that you have the power to make anything work and lean into this belief BEFORE you see the dollars rolling in.

2) Thinking that “investing” is the magic bullet.

I thought that if I just invested in coaching, or a new training or course (or whatever was my shiny object flavour of the month) THEN I’d get the results I wanted. I didn’t trust myself to make it work, so I relied on external things to “fix” me.

Spoiler alert, YOU already know everything you really need to know to make it work, you probably just need some help clearing the shiz out of the way so that YOU can see the correct steps you need to take.

3) Resistance to current results.

When I look back at my investment mistakes and when I see others do the same, I notice that we all have this in common:

We were all resistant to take ownership for our current results so we couldn’t take ownership to start bringing in MIND blowing results.

I see so many new business owners fall into ALL the negative beliefs: “I don’t have enough time, I didn’t know enough, I’m not really an entrepreneur, I don’t have the right personality for sales or marketing…” (you get the picture).

I was so guilty of having all of the excuses as to WHY it wasn’t working so I kept looking externally for someone or something to “fix” that. I deeply wanted someone to give me the magic answers and the secrets I thought all successful entrepreneurs had that I was missing out on.

Here’s the thing,


You already have everything you have in you - all the knowledge, skills, know-how to be as successful you desire.

So why TF isn’t it working (I hear you yelling?)

Because you don’t believe that yet.

You’re probably feeling caught in the forest but you can’t see the trees. You just need support to see what’s standing  in your way and let’s get real, clear out the shit so that you can show up AS that fantastic successful confident person you already are.

I know I did.

It’s no secret that I invested into a coach REAL early on (week 2) in this business and I’m still working with her?


Because I want to continue to clear out the shit, continue to increase my mind blowing results and continue to grow my skills as a coach, a human and an entrepreneur.

Yes this stuff is already in me, but ya know what makes this journey so much more fun efficient and less crazy making (never mind insanely profitable)?

Having someone support me who’s already done exactly what I want to do.

I KEEP 10x my investment month after month and for the last two months I’ve 20x it..

That’s an investment I’m willing to continue to make.

Not because investing is the magic pill, hey not even because coaching is the magic pill but because I’m so willing to show up for it, because I believe in my ability to make it work for me and because I want to continue to make quantum leaps and begin to bring in 30x that ROI.

And that my loves, is exactly what it takes to create incredible returns on your investments!

I SO hope this helps you to see how you can invest intelligently so that you can avoid the mistakes I made and exponentially grow your business too!

I’d love to hear from you!

Do you feel like you know how to make the right investments? And what is the next investment YOU want to make?

Elise Maisonneuve