How to use Content to Connect & Convert your Audience


Creating content that connects, compels and converts IS the difference between a thriving business and a struggling business in the online world.

It’s a total non-negotiable if you want to become successful.

And let’s get one thing clear, there’s NO magic formula to creating the perfect facebook post so let’s all step away from FB land and stop downloading the freebies that say so ok?

Creating connection based content is a skill and if you’re feeling like you’re not connecting or converting your audience I’ve got some tips for you this week on how you can start doing just that!

Cause here’s the thing, when you learn HOW to write content in a way that connects to your people you have the ability to build REAL relationships, showcase your skills and stand out like the expert you are so that your people are already SOLD on you before you ever ask for the sale.

So here are 3 strategies you can start  implementing today to start connecting, compelling and converting your clients so they’re yelling “take my money” before you ever even get on a discovery call with them!

1) Stop Trying to Come Across as the “Expert”

The moment you stop “trying” to be the perfect expert that has it all together, is the moment you’ll start creating real connection.

And just like creating REAL relationships (ya know in real life), the way you create relationships with your audience is by sharing who YOU really are.

Not the perfect CEO who has all of their shit together all of the time (I mean unless that IS you and you’re a magical unicorn who I happily salute).

Because that’s not 100% authentic or real right?

When we show up as us online and off, share real experiences, lessons and show a real interest in the people we’re speaking with (a.k.a. your audience) you open up the playing field for real connection that that’s how you create a REAL relationship with your audience which builds their trust in you and makes it an obvious next step to work with you!

2) Drop the Dancing Monkey Act

I used to think that I had to PROVE how much I knew to my audience through my content.

I was terrified of showing my weaknesses, my f ups, my (hard earned) lessons and let’s be honest, pretty much anything that I viewed as LESS than perfect.

And I thought that the only way people would hire me was to demonstrate ALL the knowledge I had.

The result?

Mediocre at best.

In my attempt to come across as the perfect professional and knowledgeable expert, I really just came across as BORING AF.

So, yes ok, that’s probably harsh. But it’s true.

I was SO not myself fully in my previous business (if you want proof go check out my old livestreams *cue the embarrassment).

The moment I stopped trying to prove how much I knew and actually just showed up 100% honestly, fully as myself and without a hinderance (read: flying fuck) about what I really wanted to say..

I started to sign clients like it was going out of style.

It was such a glaringly obvious result, I couldn’t ignore it.

3) Remember it’s a Two Way Street

Real relationships (online and off) are double sided.

And just like you’d be board to tears if you went on a first date and struggled to get a word in edgewise, you’re audience wants to feel like they’re also participating in the conversation.

No one wants to feel like their being talked AT, we all want to feel like we’re involved in the convo and like our voice matters!

So if you want to make sure that you’re creating connection in your content, make sure that you’re involving your audience in your content!

One of my favourite ways to do this is by asking my audience's opinion on the stories, tips and information I share. I often ask what their experience is around it, what they’re currently practicing in their biz and what they’re struggling with so that they feel seen, heard and understood instead of feeling like I’m preaching to them 24/7!

There you have it loves. I hope you find these three strategies helpful so that you can start connecting to and converting your audience into epic clients!

And the extra bonus is, once you start showing up like this in your business, it will feel a hell of a lot more fun, so darn liberating and SO much easier to show up this way.

Cause let’s be real, if you’re like me you know that there’s NO point in creating a business that feels like HARD work.

Earning great money in a way that actually feels good for you and your clients is what it’s all about!

I’d love to hear your take on this!

How do you like to create connection through your content?

And if this is something that you’d like to focus on more, what strategy are you going to implement first?

Elise Maisonneuve