The Secret to Scaling and Consistent Sales


I’ve just had my first multiple 5 figure month loves and I’m kinda blown away.

Not because I’m surprised I did it, or because it felt exhausting and full on but rather the opposite. I’ve scaled my business seemingly overnight by working less.

I still haven’t paid a cent for marketing, all of my sales and traffic is organic and my website still hasn’t been publicly launched. I’ve not run a single Facebook Ad so how the fuck did I double my sales basically overnight?

Lean in close, ‘cause I’m about to spill all my secrets on HOW I’ve scaled without “doing” anything different or “more”.


Your life and your business will never outgrow your beliefs, identity and your effort.

So it only makes sense that if you’re struggling to make consistent income in your business or you’re wanting to scale THIS is where we need to start.

So often when I see women who have made money in their business but then fall into a bit of a lull, it’s almost never because their strategy STOPPED working.

But so often this is the place we look to first right?

The brain goes into overdrive “maybe it was a fluke”, “maybe my content is suddenly shit” maybe it’s that damn fb algorithm that’s preventing me from getting in front of my people.


SO, if you’re wanting to start bringing in consistent clients, cash and you want to start bringing in MORE of all of the above, minus the stress and overwhelm…

Start here:

Look at what you really believe you can have.

Look at WHO you see yourself as, like really truly..

Are you still stressing about those monthly tech expenses?

Are you worrying about HOW you’re going to bring in a client next month?

Would the CEO of a profitable business, that’s generating consistent income and growing each month have the same beliefs that you have?


From day one in my business, I had my client on lockdown. I knew EXACTLY who she was, what she was struggling with. I knew her fears, desires and goals. I knew what she was thinking about late at night and I knew exactly what was stopping her from reaching her dreams. AND when I thought I knew exactly what she needed help with and what she wanted support around, I got on the phone with a bunch of them, gave epic value and found out even MORE about how I could help.

I did my market research thoroughly and then I continued to BELIEVE that I had nailed it. I didn’t second guess what she wanted and I didn’t create 1 million different offers to reach her. I was damn consistent with my messaging and content.

I was also damn consistent in the method of which I was showing up. I committed to posting content in a few mediums (mostly social media posts and livestream) and I was also consistent with my personality and energy (aka I was just me!).

And whilst my clients and message has grown from where it was when I first started, the core is the same. So often I see coaches make these big “jumps” in their messaging (I can help you hit 5k months to I can help you hit 20k months) and whilst this may true, they’re missing the mark with what the common denominators REALLY are and often this impacts their income because it’s kinda damn confusing.

A continuous message breeds trust!  Be consistent and be honest in your journey and scaling will be simple.


Way too often I see women sign their first handful of clients and then struggle to continue to keep up the momentum.

They’re working long hours, dealing with not-so-ideal clients and they’re wondering HOW the fuck they can ever scale to those 10k+ months if they’re still struggling to hit consistent sales.

It flat out sucks.

It’s a fast track to burn out AND to falling prey to second guessing your ability and falling into the trap of wondering WHY anyone ever hired you in the first place.

And THAT is a darn hard thing to crawl out of..

And frankly, there’s a real simple fix for this…

When I started my business, I knew going into it exactly HOW I would scale it.

AND (because of learning the hard way from past endeavours) I went into this business with the intention of mastering my systems for sales without worrying about HOW to grow it straight away.

Sound like a bit of an oxymoron?

I used to think so too.

Here’s the thing, the way you start your business, leads you to HOW you’re going to scale your business…

If you nail down what your strengths are, what strategies work for you and you become a gangster at mastering that, scaling becomes simple because you get to use the base of those strategies and multiply them!

The burnout in scaling comes when we either don’t know what those strategies and systems are OR we stop using them because our mindset isn’t sold on it 100%.

This is also one of the reasons WHY I only do 6 month programs with my clients.

It’s why I care so damn much at creating a business plan/model that is customised to work for you and it’s why I spend so much time with my clients on helping them create systems for their sales so that they can confidently KNOW exactly HOW they can sign clients on repeat.

When you set this up and do the work to become a gangster in your biz from day one, you can make it rain whenever you want and feel comfortable knowing that you know exactly what you need to do when you feel ready to expand, minus the overwhelm, the exhaustion and the COST of having to find a whole new system to scale.

I’d love to hear from you!

Do you feel like you have your systems on lockdown?

Are you sold on your ability to earn consistent income and do you feel like you can scale at the drop of a hat? Share with us below!

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