5 BIG things I did to get BIG results FAST


When we hear people say (including me) that it can be easy to build a profitable business I think it’s easy to assume that “easy” always feels easy. It doesn’t.

I was fortunate enough to get great results and experience success quite quickly in this business AND what most of you didn’t see was the years of hard work, the tears, and the LONG ASS days where I busted my bottom to get here.

SO today I wanted to share some hard truths on what I DID do to get results to show you that even though for the most part things feel ease-ful, it wasn’t always EASY and there was a heck of a lot of energy, effort and work that went into the building of my business.

1) I picked up TWO part time jobs (that I strongly disliked) at the beginning to take the pressure off.

Loves, this was a BIG deal for me and my ego. At this stage I’d been self-employed for for years.
I ate a big ol’ slice of humble pie and took on two part time jobs so that I could feel financially safe whilst I got my business up and running.

Whilst I really didn’t want to do this, I sucked it up and did it because I knew this would enable me to show up without feeling attached to the outcome and without “needing” my business to make money fast.

IRONICALLY, (or not because that’s the power of our mindset and our decisions) I told my husband that I was picking up two jobs but that because I knew so deeply that this business was going to work that I’d quit them in six weeks time.

Loves, I handed in my resignation SIX WEEKS TO THE DAY because I’d already earned enough money to go full-time in my business.

2) I worked MORE than 15 hours a week

I’m a big believer that the energy we put into our business is what we get out of it. When I first started, between my two part time jobs and this business I worked MANY 12-14 hour days.

Now I’m not saying that you need to burn yourself out in order to be successful but I am saying that if you want BIG results fast you have to be willing to put BIG effort, work and energy into it.

Also, I think it’s worth noting that I didn’t do 12-14 hour days because I thought that was my ticket. I did it because I was incredibly willing to do whatever it took to get this thing off the ground and gain enough momentum to quit my part time jobs.

I knew it wasn’t going to be like this forever AND I was also incredibly willing to keep showing up UNTIL it worked because I decided that it would. Be willing to put energy, effort and work into your business and you will see results.

3) I hired support before it made “sense” and I invested a BIG sum of money in my biz before I had proof it would work

One of the main reasons I picked up two part time jobs was that I knew I wanted to hire a coach as soon as physically possible. I knew the fastest path to hiring support was to find the finances as soon as possible. I had just released all of my clients from my nutrition business and I had some credit card debt racked up from investments in that business.

I decided to pick up jobs to pay for a coach (and to support myself and my bare necessities - and I’m talking BARE) instead of paying off my cc debt first.

Now I’m NOT a financial advisor and I’m certain most out there would tell you to do the exact opposite but I was CERTAIN that this investment would help me to not only make my business profitable fast but also enable me to then pay off my cc debt.

For me it made sense to make this investment first and I’m so damn glad I did! In six weeks of hiring my coach I’d already earned back my investment AND I was able to pay off my cc debt (10k you guys, no small feat) right then and there.

That’s an ROI of the century and I’m so damn glad I made that choice. I was able to be profitable so damn fast because I was so willing to INVEST in my business like a REAL business. I see so many entrepreneurs choose not to invest in their business and then wonder why they’re not making profit like a real business. THIS is why.

4) I did free calls

When I started my business I had almost 4 years of coaching experience behind me. I did not “need” to do free calls but I did them because I wanted to help my people before they ever paid me a cent AND I wanted to make sure that I was 100% on point with what I thought my people were struggling with.

I did a handful of free calls in the beginning with the sole purpose of helping them get clients AND IT WORKED. Over half of the people I did free calls with got clients almost straight away and all of them launched their businesses and made more leaps and strides than they had and the previous three months!

Not only did this help to boost my confidence and grow my social proof but some of those people also became clients. All of them gave me raving testimonials and shouted my praises from the rooftops.

Being willing to approach my business with a beginners mind enabled me to create real relationships with my audience and helped me to create free trainings and programs that were exactly what they wanted. (Not to mention add to my first handful of big sales).

Be just as IF NOT MORE willing to put yourself out there as you want your clients to and you WILL build meaningful relationships that benefit your clients, you and your business.

5) I picked a strategy and I stuck to it

One of the biggest things that enabled me to build my business so fast was that I picked ONE single strategy, and I gave it my all.

I decided to create a group where I would literally mentor them each and every day through content, free trainings and some free sessions so that they wouldn’t make the same mistakes I made in business.

I then went ALL IN with that group. I showed up everyday. I made a point to personally connect with each individual. I posted after 14 hour work days. I shared in the group unabashedly and wholeheartedly because I KNEW how much incredible free value I was giving so it felt silly to NOT share that free resource with others.

I didn’t question for a second IF it was going to pay off. I knew I would help them get big results and I trusted that my intention, and the energy and value I was pouring into would come back to me. And it did 10 fold.

The tricky part was staying on course with that intention and faith. I had to believe this with every fibre of my being EVEN when no one responded to my posts. Even when I was so damn exhausted I could cry.

EVEN when I’d lay in bed at night wondering if I’d just committed myself to MORE debt and wondered if my friends and family would think I was literally crazy for pursuing another business. EVEN when I worried that people would think I was jumping ship to “cash in”.

I never for a second decided to pick another strategy because I was worried about how this would work. I did a metric fuck ton of mindset work to keep myself sold on my strategy and that’s how I was able to show up for it powerfully which is why it paid off so quickly.

There you have it loves! Five of the biggest things I did to get big results.

I hope this helps you have clarity and confidence that what you’re doing IS working so that you can continue to show up powerfully for your people every damn day.

I’d love to hear your thoughts below on which action surprised you the most AND what area you’re going to lean into more to help you bring in the results you desire!

Share with us below! And if this was helpful I’d LOVE for you to give it a good ol’ share so that we can support and empower more women to keep on showing up for your dreams!


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