How walking into Louis Vuitton earned me 20K


Story Time!

Loves, the reason WHY I can unabashedly show up in my business, and wholeheartedly say that I know without a doubt that if you DEEPLY desire to serve others, you KNOW that you’re meant to do something BIG on this planet and you want to have a purposeful and profitable and sustainable business, then I’m THE BEST coach to support you to do just that…..

It’s because I walk my MF talk.

I KNOW firsthand what it’s like to make big scary investments without “proof” that it would earn me a return.

I’ve INVESTED big when I did NOT have the money, when previous big investments DID NOT pay off and when I had 10k on my credit card.

I’ve done an absolute metric fuck ton of mindset work consistently and know exactly what it’s like to have to decide my business was going to work before I saw any evidence of that.

I’ve taken crazy (potentially insane) leaps of faith without any plan b’s.

I KNOW that it’s so damn possible to build a profitable business that scales simply without spending ages building up a large audience and I know that if you put your head down, and you’re willing to DO the work you can do it TOO!

And the reason I know this all is because I’ve done it myself.

Here’s a big fat ol’ truth bomb that I’ve been resistant to say:

You can 100% NOT take your clients further than you’ve been willing to go yourself.

Loves, the reason I’m able to hit 20K+ months with UNDER 350 people in my group and only a couple thousand followers on Insta and FB is because I walk my talk.

EVERYTHING I teach, I KNOW works because I’ve done it (and probably because I fucked it up the first time around).

Every time I’ve ever had an objection of “I can’t afford it”, I’ve looked at HOW I’m doing that in my own life.

Every time, I challenge a client to push themselves and move through the scary shit, I’ve made it my J.O.B to do that same stuff myself.

Because it is.

And last week I was kindly reminded of more scary shit that I needed to lean more into and how I was  NOT being congruent in my business by my beautiful coach..

So consider this my #confession...

Last week I wasn’t congruent with my message.

Behind the scenes, I was SCARED AF to take a leap of faith. I was worried about being judged and I had a moment of scarcity.

It happens to ALL of us at some point and #truthfully this work never ends because we’re human!

Here’s what I know to be true…

You can never overcome an objection you haven't overcome yourself.

I had a desire and crazily it was the ONLY thing on my order list that I sent out to the universe this year that I had not yet received.

When my coach called me out on this, deep down I was REALLY scared to fulfil it so I made up excuses; “it’s frivolous, I don’t need it”, “it’s not REALLY necessary, I can live without it”. You get the idea…

And at the same time, I had a couple people reach out to me about getting support for 2019 and something interesting came up….. “I really WANT to but maybe I should just do it on my own first”, “I know I really WANT to sign up but I should give it one more crack and then maybe I’ll get support”.

You seeing what I’m seeing?

Same same right?


When you deny that shiz, you say, “no thanks, I’m above that universe”, and you repel the very thing you want.

AND I’m gonna bet if you’re resisting something due to a “should” instead of doing what you deep down REALLY want, you’re gonna block more of what you do want. AND you’ll probably attract the exact same objection that you yourself have.

Loves, I shit you not. I went out the next day and I walked into the Louis Vuitton Store to pick out my bag. Within 48 hours I had a new client on my waitlist and two new discovery calls for the following week and that has already resulted in over $20K of sales…



I wouldn’t believe this was possible if I hadn’t experienced it myself. It is. The magic wand is literally in your hand. YOU just have to decide if you’re ready to use it.

The reason I’m sharing this with you now (even though it scares the bejesus out of me and I’m secretly praying that none of my friends or family see this) is because:

1) I know deep down that I need to follow through, and truthfully it’s really not about buying the fancy bag, it’s about doing something so that every time I wear it I can look down on it and remind myself that I can LITERALLY create anything I desire… and also this still scares the poop out of me so I need your help to actually do it!

2) You get to see how in control you are of your results and of what you desire and if I can help you realise that you are truly a magical fucking unicorn that can literally create ANYTHING you desire than that’s a big win for me.

3) YOU now can have this evidence that I needed 18 months ago, because sometimes we need to borrow belief and I want you to borrow mine!

I’d love to know, PS this is the exact question I asked myself last week:
How can YOU follow your desires MORE so that you can overcome that objection more?

Elise Maisonneuve