The Biggest Problem most Entrepreneurs face in Business..


Here’s the thing, I’m real good at seeing patterns and I KEEP seeing this happening with business owners.

If you’re struggling to hit consistent income or scaling feels impossible,  I’m willing to bet THIS is what’s happening for you:

You’re doing all the things and your not committed to one strategy AND showing up for it FULLY  and you’re not fully believing that it’s going to work!!


Ya I know it sounds silly simple but how many of us can honestly say that we're focusing at becoming masterful at our strategy and willing to work it UNTIL it works, whilst in full belief that it already is?

So, you know that you’re IN the cycle, how the heck do you climb out?

Well, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my four years of business experience after running three successful businesses… it’s that there IS a formula for success.

And this my friends is why I came up with Mindset, Messaging and Momentum as my Framework.

This framework will give you the insight and direction to climb on out of that viscous feast/famine cycle you’ve got going with your clients. So let’s start climbing shall we?


Ok, let’s get real here, if you’re struggling to bring in consistent clients and you’re trying to do all the things to reel them in or find more hours in the day to scale, at one stage or another, you fell out of TRUST with yourself.

You’ve forgotten HOW damn good you are at what you do, HOW much you do know and HOW good you are at following through with your word to yourself.

You’ve forgotten what DID work to get you to where you are.

You’re feeling all muddled and now you can hardly see the forest within the trees right? So let’s take it back to basics.

// What are you SO sold on about your service and the way you deliver?

// What way of connecting and building relationships with your people feels best?

// What ONE marketing strategy can you lean into, focus on and commit to so that you can start to perfect your customer journey and become masterful at it?

And yes this IS mindset work. Because without doing the work to get sold on this, you WILL revert back to doing #allthethings.


Are YOU clear on why your clients should hire you, how they can take the next step with you and why your service is THE BEST fit for them?

AND are you sharing this message around consistently?
Because if your answer to any of these questions is LESS than a hell yes, than we’ve found our hurdle.

Not only do we have to be clear on why we’re the obvious choice for our people BUT we also have to get real damn good at making that clear in our messaging strategy (ie. our copy).

I GET how easy it is to assume that our people can read between the lines with what we’re saying.

The secret to great copy is to leave nothing unsaid and to place NO responsibility on your reader to infer what you mean, or what action you want them to take.

THIS is exactly what it means to be masterful at your strategy and what it really looks like to work your strategy until it works.

If you nail your messaging and you nail HOW you communicate that to your audience, consistent clients and scaling will feel simple.

And this loves, is how you future-proof your success, because even if you do hit a lull, you’ll have all the skills to ramp it back up and know exactly what you need to do to climb back up.


You know that marketing strategy you committed to getting sold on in the Mindset section?

Well the way to sign consistent clients and the way you can scale your business through that strategy is to come back to how damn sold you are on it AGAIN and AGAIN.

This is momentum, this is how you grow your business exponentially.

No one has ever achieve great heights by throwing 100 things at a wall at the same time, hoping and praying that something sticks.

Yet, when you spend two weeks posting on Insta or Facebook, then decide that because no ones reached out yet you’re going to move over to Linkedin, and Pinterest and then maybe Youtube and actually maybe guest blogging is the thing.. But oh wait you need passive income so maybe you should bust out that course instead because your 1:1 isn’t selling like you thought it would….

LOVES, you’re doing that exact same thing..

When you commit to showing up for your strategy consistently and when you’re so darn willing to truly become masterful at it, your business grows. Full stop.

Hand on heart loves, it can be this simple. BUT it’s not always easy because it’s real hard to show up for this day in and day out when we’re in the time gap of seeing the results right?

I’d love to hear from you!

// Does this feel like your biggest problem in your business right now?

// And if so, how can you get yourself SOLD on your process? What do you need to do to feel supported in it?

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