The REAL SECRET to selling your services and signing clients…


The biggest question I hear from new entrepreneurs is how the heck they can start to actually sign clients!

And obviously packaging and pricing is something that keeps coming up as a big hurdle to signing the clients they want and receiving the money they desire.

So if you're feeling stuck and you don't know what to charge or how to package up your services and if there is even anyone out there that is willing to pay for it..

Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself:

1) What transformation do I provide?

Here’s the thing, you my friend are a problem solver first and foremost. When you figure out HOW your going to solve your clients problems, you figure out how your going to sign clients.

2) Do my current offerings 100% solve the problem my people are facing?

Look, I get it. I’ve been that gal selling off the $100 per hour nutrition one-off sessions. And the short story is they don’t work. They ultimately don’t solve your client’s problem AND they ultimately don’t help you create the level of income and impact you want.

>> If your current offers do solve their big ass problem:

Amazing, well done! Go spread the word about the epic transformation you can help your people with! (Hint- this should feel SO DAMN GOOD if you're 100% behind what you're offering).

>>> If they don’t solve your people’s big ass problem:

Lovely, why are you trying to sell something that you KNOW isn't going to deliver the transformation you TRULY want to provide?

(Again, I GET IT, I’ve been there and I’m guessing it has a whole lot to do with you not backing your value and recognising that your people need you!)

And the good news is, this explains why you’re having a hard time selling your offer.
The real secret to selling your services and bringing in clients (notice I didn't say find) that are happy to pay and are truly your soulmate peeps is by fully creating and getting behind the incredible value you're offering.

Your signature offer should be so damn good YOU want to buy it!

Because #truthtime, if you’re not why would anyone else be? (This little hot tip would have saved me a solid year of struggle - so if even ONE of you implement it I'm a happy chappy.)

I'd love to know what you beauties think, so share with us below.

  1. Are you sold on your own services?

  2. And if no, HOW can you start to get behind them so that you can happily yell them from the rooftops and ya know do what you’re here to do, aka: start serving your people?

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