The most strategic move you can make in your business is this…



I used to be so self conscious about my biz that I HID IT for years.

It became a really ugly cycle that looked like this:

I’d habitually hide the fact that I had started an online nutrition business then I would proceed to never market said business, (not surprisingly) I would struggle to sign clients in said business and once again I’d go back to never talking about my business because I was embarrassed that it wasn't really doing well.

The problem was, it wasn’t really a business (because I wasn’t treating it like one) but rather a really expensive hobby!

Are you seeing the pattern here?

Our actions will always reflect how we truly feel.

THIS is what "thoughts become things" really means.

THIS is the power of mindset work.

Because here’s the thing.

If you don't TRULY believe in your business, have confidence in what you offer and DARE to believe that it will of course succeed....

LOVELY, you're never going to take the earth shattering action that is required for you to get earth shattering results.

"Little tiny dreams require little tiny thoughts and little tiny steps.

Great big dreams require great big thoughts and little tiny steps.

Do I paint a clear picture?"

- Notes from the Universe

The fact that I launched, grew and and hit 5 figures in the first 6 weeks of my business was not luck.

It’s the direct result of me dreaming big, believing bigger and taking gigantic action.

When you get brave and bold with your desires AND you take equally brave and bold actions, it’s nearly impossible NOT to get the result you want.

When I first started my business, I was SO damn confident it would work that when I decided to pick up a part time job (to cover my business expenses and to take the pressure off), I told my husband that I was going to take the job BUT I’d be quitting it in six weeks.

Yes he thought I was nuts, but he lovingly went along with it with me.

Loves, EXACTLY six weeks TO THE DAY, I handed in my resignation.

It happened like clockwork because I decided it would happen and I took the big scary ass action to get me there.

The more confident you are in your business, the more willing you are to think big, dream bigger and then take those next steps even though they scare you, the faster you’ll get the results and the easier and more enjoyable this whole “build a business” jazz will feel.

THIS is why the most strategic step you can make in your business is PRIORITISING your mindset.

Having a mindset built for success is a necessary foundation in any successful business.

Because when you KNOW without a doubt that the only option for you is success, and you consistently show up like the results are already on their way, they come rushing in.. FAST!

I’d love to hear from you below!

What would you have to believe right now in order to have that level of confidence and in order to take the big bold scary ass action KNOWING that of course it's going to work?

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