My Favourite 3 proven strategies for signing high end clients


I know so many of you are all too familiar with the struggle of getting your first 1-5 clients and you might not be currently feeling very “badass”.

I SEE you I GET you I WAS you.

I remember it feeling like a massive mind-fu&k.

I was so unsure if what I was doing was even going to work and so it was REALLY hard to show up consistently in this headspace.

Signing your first couple clients can actually be really fun and easy when you have clarity in your business and when you have a solid strategy that feels good to execute…

BUT (#realtalk) it can also be the most arduous time in your business if you don’t feel like you have a direction (or let’s be honest, a clue) about who you help, and why they should hire you and HOW you can go about actually making that happen!

Let me help ya with that..

Here are 3 of my favourite proven strategies you can use to sign your first client:

1) Start doing free sessions!

2) Give crazy amounts of value via a challenge/webinar/livestream series and position your 1:1 offer at the end

3) SELL to your community

Now if you’re thinking: “that’s way too simple” or “I’m DOING that Elise and it’s not working”, I’m going to challenge you a little bit here..

Firstly, building a successful business is actually REAL simple. The tricky bit isn’t in the complexity of the strategy but rather you’re ability to show up for it day in and day out and execute it like a mofo.

So I want you to sit down, get real with yourself and truthfully ask yourself these questions:

// How LONG have you been doing these things?

// Have you been doing them consistently?

// Have you picked one-two places to show up in like it’s your J.O.B? (‘Cause it is)

// Are you allowing your audience to get to know the REAL you through your content and marketing strategy?

If you’re not implementing any of these things 100%, I encourage you to either START to do so or STOP making yourself crazy and reach out for support!!

And if you’re feeling like you’ve got no idea where to start with these, I might just know someone who can help ya with that! (Hint...that’s me!)

I’m currently taking on my last few 1:1 clients for the rest of 2018 so if you’re ready to end the year on a high and get your purpose driven business profitable by 2019, email me or book in for a discovery call here and we can chat about what working together would look like for you!

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