Are you repelling your ideal clients?


This is about to get really awkward. I’ve got a bit of a confession for you loves today..


When I started my first online business I spent weeks upon weeks fine-tuning my ideal client.

I mapped her out, I figured out what magazines she liked to read, where she shopped, what she thought about, what she liked…

And the hard truth was..  she seemed super stuck. She seemed committed to her stories.

She was.

Because she was me 10 years ago. And in fact that's not who I am now. Thank God!

Here’s the thing she was resistant, stubborn and slow as F  to change. AND no matter how many Ideal Client Avatar’s I did, I struggled to bring her in...


Because I didn't want to work with her. I didn't even like her!!

So of course it was hard to bring her in. That’s when I made the scariest call of my life and drastically changed direction in my business.

I committed straight away to being INTENTIONAL from the get go. I swore to only focus on and call in the people who I desired to serve. Ya know, like the people that I’d actually be friends with. People who I LOVE and who are basically me 6 months ago.

I got so crystal clear on WHO my epic clients were, it was kinda scary.

Because there was still that tiny voice in my head that would warn me:

“Don’t say that out loud! What if other potential clients hear you and are totally turned off by how specific you are or (GASP) get offended by what you say?"

Here’s what I decided and I’m certain it’s what enabled me to hit the infamous five figures, six weeks into my business:

If my people don’t like what I’m putting down, they’re NOT my people!

I was terrified up until that point to really name that and claim that. So trust me when I say I get how scary this can feel. But when you’re willing to put your neck out for your epic clients, and boldy tell them that you’re here for them. They will do the same for you!

So for the record:

I only work with women who know they are meant to be successful and are determined to get there… no matter what.

They take the scary ass action.

They push themselves outside of their comfort zone, time and time again.

They’re willing to eat poop for dinner (ok maybe beans on toast) in the beginning because they are willing to suck it up in the short term to get the long term results.

This is who gets crazy ass results working with me.

These are the people who book out their business within weeks of us working together. They 6x  their income. They fill up and KEEP filling up their businesses with epic clients and create sustainable business that support them to travel, to pick up their kids, to retire their husbands..

YES they may be scared at first. Yes they may need help getting clear on exactly how to get to where they  want to be (that’s why they hire me).

But they’re ready to take the steps now.

Not six months from now.

Not when they have an extra $5000 in the bank.

Not when they sign their next 1:1 client.

But now.

Because deep down they know if you could do all of these things ^^^ well, they wouldn’t actually need my support.

If that sounds like you, girl, we need to chat! Head on over here and let’s find out if we’re a great fit for one another.

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